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Our Goals

To fulfill its mission, DRIE Atlantic will strive to achieve the following goals:

To form close relationships with other chapters for support and the exchange
of information.

To create a positive and accessible forum for all members to exchange

To promote recognition of the need for Business Continuity Planning,
Disaster Recovery Planning, and Crisis Management as integral components of
an effective business strategy.

To bring DRI CANADA training to members in the Atlantic region.

To identify the dissemination and maintenance of training information to

To network with other related organizations (e.g., SCEPA, CEPA, OICPEP, Red
Cross, IAEM, etc.)

To develop and maintain an active membership drive.

Member Quote: "Thank you for your advice and samples of templates for DR.
You have been great providing me feedback and advice on Disaster Recovery.
I am very glad I joined the DRIE Atlantic group as it will give me the knowledge I need to
better perform my role as DR Coordinator."

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